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    This is a work in progress. If you don’t fit the following categories and are interested in helping Hackistan, we might be even more intersted to hear you!


    Our world is changing fast, all sectors are disrupted and our companies have to adapt at a quicker pace everyday. Boosting emulation and disruptive innovation at the core of a company is not an easy process. At Hackistan, every member of our collective focuses his thoughts and work on impactful and disruptive innovations.


    • Find experts for missions


    Don’t ask traditional consultancy, hire talents for punctual or long-run missions.We are all passionate professionals for whom it matters to scale impactful solutions. By contacting Hackistan, you will find the right expert to your needs and contribute to an integrated impact-driven ecosystem.


    • Invest with your means and develop close relationships with high-potential startups


    Without knowing it, you might have a repertoire of useful resources that impactful startups might benefit from. Expert network, under-used infrastructures (laboratories, openspace, warehouse, etc.) or capital, all these could have a gigantic influence on the development of our projects.


    • Benefit from our emulation and innovation tools


    Get access to our open-laboratory: your employees could be inspired by the members of our collective, let’s gather and work together to unleash their talent and reinvent your company.


    Launching an impact venture is a long lasting journey. And as all journeys they always start by a first step, but what a strong feeling knowing that your are not the only one taking these steps and being surrounded by others who can share the best shortcuts and the paths to avoid.


    • Fill your backpack: we want to give you access to critical resources, to fill your backpack with what you really need. As a family, we will celebrate successes and failures, but always make collectively all we can to contribute to our fulfilment.


    • Benefit from a family in the long run that collectively supports you and your project along the harsh journey.


    We know it ain’t easy to launch your own structure, build your reputation, and find the time to get satisfactory missions. We aim at lifting up barriers in a fair, trust- and reward-based environment. We believe that together we are stronger, that mutualization eases the process to find new customers, to gain in visibility and to reduce the admin hassle. Focus on what you are good at and find in the collective the soul mates that excels in want you don’t.

    • Join us, belong to a community with vision and purpose and share your concerns. We provide you with network, inspiring missions, inspiration, tools and freedom. Find impactful and remunerated missions, and also add your value to our projects within a fair retribution system.


    Our projects are looking for infrastructures (offices, laboratories, warehouses, machines, etc.). If you own under-used spaces or equipment and are looking to increase the return-on-investment of these latter, please shout out.


    Since we aim at combining impact and profitability, we build trust-based relationships with our investors.

    Hackistan is designed just like an evergreen holding: we invest in our portfolio projects in subsequent rounds through special purpose vehicles (SPV). To fund those SPVs, we’re constantly growing a community of investors, including individuals, firms, and corporations. Every investor becomes a shareholder of Hackistan and a potential investor in the portfolio. With equity in Hackistan, the investor is securing a share of the value we’ll add in the long term as an evergreen fund. Because we’re deploying network effects throughout our collective and infrastructure, we expect that, contrary to a traditional holding company, Hackistan’s value will be higher than the sum of all its portfolio participations.


    Why would an investor join our network?

    • You join a reputable network of qualified investors gathered by Hackistan to invest in the best of the best on the European impactful project scene to co-invest with Hackistan through special purpose vehicles;
    • You mitigate your risks by spreading their capital on multiple startups selected among the top performers;
    • You can rely on Hackistan’s privileged relationship with its citizens and investors, entering a network based on trust and transparency;


    Public interest matters. We aim at bringing the best talents to work on stuff that changes daily lives, including what happens in cities and municipalities. We might work with you on any topic you find important and you want to change. For example, a group of engineers, scientists and IoT developers helped the town of Paris to track air-pollution through the development of a citizen-science device.

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