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    Hackistan was created based on the needs of individual talents and project holders. It is a ecosystem created, owned and managed by its users. As our needs evolve, Hackistan must evolve as well. Therefore, listening to the evolving needs of our members is key.

    3 pillars

    • Connect talents tackling global challenges

      We are a talented and creative community of passionate people aligned around a vision with a strong purpose. We inspire and empower eachother to create a better and more sustainable world. We believe in multidisciplinary emulation, engaging a diversity of talented individuals.

      We are scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, business analysts, webdevelopers, philosophers, artists, architecture, geneticist, communication experts or lawyers. We are both thinkers and doers. Altruism and kindness are our currency. Aware and alive, we are our own faith's masters and we connect with our brothers with trust and hunger.

    • Surround them with the best human, digital and financial resources

      We are neither an incubator, nor an accelerator. As a trusted third-party and as a collective, we are a one-stop source providing unfair advantages, resources and support to people leading and contributing to disruptive and impactful projects.

      Create a strong and trust-based connexion space for immensely talented individuals. Crowdsource skills and talents within an open-value network. Take advantage of collective intelligence both for ideation and first-customer purposes. Experiment new investment tools that enable fairness in the value distribution. Bring respect and trust in the collaborations. Provide a network of customized infrastructures to optimize the use of what is out there. Give access to kick-ass administrative and IT tools. Benefit from mutualized services (e.g. accountability, communication, webdesign).

    • Collectively design a sprouting and vertuous innovation ecosystem

      We want to embody what we believe in, and experiment ourselves what we feel might enhance individual’s and project’s resilience.

      Unleash everyone's potential: We want talents to find meaning through their action. Let's stop reductive categorization and bring everyone to commit for impact with 100% of their skill spectrum.
      Explore a new open-governance : We implement co-creation through an horizontal system, true democracy and transparency, with the help of digital tools and cutting-edge management frameworks.
      Try out a new value distribution framework : By launching a common-reserve, we want to hijack the created value and let it be collectively reallocated, in a fair and transparent way, towards meaningful projects.

    Our attitude

    Hack (y)our way through

    As a salvation strategy, we aim at lifting up as much barriers as possible, freeing people from fictive silos. These barriers, by separating disciplines, cities are dividing people and resources and end up braking the innovation process. To boost impact, we want to unleash everyone’s potential and rethink the way projects and missions are led and supported.

    Free technology

    Technological solutions are meant to be distributed at a global scale. Hackistanis explore and leverage opensource and decentralized techniques to apply them at the core of their projects.

    Hijack the value to boost impact

    Through a strong DNA and vision, we co-engineer a grassroots and self-sustainable model that reinforces and boosts regenerative solutions. All the agents from the collective keep the common goal in mind and translate it into action. We collectively experiment a new investment system in which a meaningful relationship between skills, resources, time and money is installed.

    Strive for efficiency

    We don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Hence, we collectively leverage our respective networks and resources. At the same time, we exploit every under-used resources from trusted partners (companies, universities, NGO and private sector)

    Use Nature as mentor

    Nature has been innovating for billions of years. By observing, understanding and mimicking its instructions, we try to place the most adaptive strategies at the core of both our collective organization, our individual development as well as bringing the projects to be inspired by the genius of Nature, aiming at efficiency and design.

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