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  • Hackistan |
    10th October 2016

    Saving the World in (slightly more than) two days

    Holly retreaters, dear curious minds, “Trigger germination” was the name of the first ever Hackistan retreat. 12 audacious people gathered, coming from France, from Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels and made their way out to a magic spot in the middle of the woods, nearby Rochefort. This...

    1st August 2016

    La startup Take Eat Easy échouée, une résurgence coopérative possible: vers un changement radical d’investissement et de fonctionnement – Chapitre 1

    Depuis lundi, différents médias reprennent l’info: la startup Take Eat Easy est en redressement judiciaire. Les commentaires ne tardent pas à affluer. Pour certains, il ne s’agit que d’un juste retour des choses, Take Eat Easy représentait un ultra-capitalisme centralisé, captateur, limite esclavagiste. "Qu’ont-il fait...

    17th July 2016

    Hackistani citizens want to save the World. They need you.

    On a daily basis, we meet incredible souls. Entrepreneurs, hackivists, investors, scientists, they all aim at Saving the World. Here below, you'll read about their ambitions, their resources and their needs. To contact them, get aboard our Slack or shout out at hello@hackistan.be. If you want...

    9th May 2016

    Prototyping the next innovation ecosystem in Belgium

    The aim of Hackistan is to gather people who want to save the world, and let them collaborate efficiently towards emancipation around projects with societal and environmental impact. In a trust-based framework, our goal is offer individuals and projects the best human, digital, financial and infrastructure...

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