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  • Hackistan |

    June 15, 2016

    Event, Open, Projection
    About This Project

    Our world is changing fast. The urge to solve our modern challenges is more intense than ever. Everyday, the toxicity of hierarchical and centralized ventures is observed. The way people connect, collaborate and produce valuable things has changed. New organizational frameworks and technological tools transform these connections, making them more efficient than ever, through values such as trust, fairness and democracy. Listen to and learn from individuals experimenting daily with these new organizational structures.

    “In a fresh look at the new economy movement, people experiment with new business practices and structures that aim for a more equitable and democratic economy. Fun and engaging, the film explores a fundamentally different theory of value, beyond just profit-making and toward a more cooperative future.”

    Trailer can be found here: https://vimeo.com/d7studios/review/161668374/69570939d7

    The broadcasted documentary depicts different co-owned cooperative-based initiatives throughout the world. This “worldwide avant-première” event is part of a larger project called Hackistan. Our mission is to emancipate individuals within a strong collective and to boost projects with societal and environmental impact. You will get to know more about it on the 15th. Feel free to follow our journey at https://www.facebook.com/groups/782860038425266/

    19h – Welcome and drinks
    19h30 – “New economy” projection
    20h45 – Next steps for Hackistan

    The exact location in the heart of Brussels is kept secret.

    Note that this is a private projection. The movie will be projected in VO English, without French subtitles.

    The documentary is called “New Economy” and has been produced by a Canadian crew including Patti Poskitt, Hillary Edison and Trevor Meier. It is currently competing at the Vancouver International Film Festival and has never been broadcasted on any screen until now. The only request we had from the producer was to keep our avant-première projection a private event, because of that Vancouver contest rule. The password is there to respect this “private invitation” single rule.

    Although this event is organized by and for the Hackistan collective, we wish to be as open, welcoming and transparent as possible. Ask around you or ping us at hello@hackistan.be if you are interested, we don’t bite. 😉

    Please feel free to pollinate and share this opportunity to your tribes.

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