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    July 09, 2016

    Event, Open
    About This Project

    Many of you are involved in the development of wonderful initiatives that aim at tackling both global and local challenges of our time. Several sectors are undergoing profound mutations and your projects will push forward the transition of our societies towards more resilient and sustainable models with respect to e.g. food, energy, waste, politics, education or transports.

    But sometimes, saving the world is not easy. Both at an individual- and at a project-level, obstacles can brake emancipation and prototyping. Paradoxically, all the needed resources are present, there is a simple lack of connection and awareness.

    We believe a new facilitatory framework that will allow the development of impactful solutions at a faster pace can be build. The Hackistan project aims at setting up this new framework, to connect efficiently innovators, talented individuals, private and public partners and any resourceful actors around one common mission: save the world by emancipating individuals and boosting the development of impactful projects.

    These last weeks have been really hectic to us. We would love to share our latest progress with you. Since we know many of you have detailed questions about the project or on how they could contribute, we would like to spend time for that with you.

    Therefore, we’ll be available on Friday (08th of July) at our headquarters of the day, at the heart of Brussels (4041 Space) , from 09 AM to 10 PM.

    If you want to save the world, but you don’t have any idea how to start,
    If you are running an project that would help changing the world,
    If you think we should connect for whatever reason or if you are simply curious about the idea and want to know the details:

    Please pass by at any time, we would love to meet you.
    We will try to answer all your questions, listen to your current needs and give you some hints about how we plan to develop the framework (i.e. with you).

    Looking forward to discussing with you all.

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